Find Hiking Trails

There is a hiking trail for everyone in
Northeast Washington

Whether you are looking to backpack through the wilderness, or take the family on a educational nature walk, you’ll find just the right trail in Ferry, Stevens and Pend Oreille counties in Northeast Washington. The are hundreds of miles of  trails on public lands, including the Colville National Forest, the Department of Natural Resources, Washington State Fish & Wildlife, the National Park Service, the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail and the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge.

If you’re looking for an Hiking Trail in a specific county, click below. To get a sense of where you’ll find these trails in the region, take a look at the interactive map.

Canyon Creek Trail

An easy one mile paved walking trail traverses along Sherman Creek between the Canyon Creek Campground campground and the Sherman Pass Log Flume Heritage Site.


Rotary Dominion Meadows Trail

Rotary Dominion Meadows Trail

The Rotary Dominion Meadows Trail in Colville, WA is an easy trail that is perfect for walking and jogging, and in the winter, for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Log Flume Interpretive Trail

The Log Flume Trail is a short, paved trail with interpretive signs explaining what it took to move logs at the turn of the century.


McDowell Marsh Trail

The McDowell Marsh Environmental Education Trail, located in the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge is a 1.2 mile hardened path offering universal accessibility over the first half.


Ferry County Rail Trail

The Ferry County Rail Trail travels through some of the most beautiful scenery in Northeast Washington.


Sherman Overlook Scenic Trail

The Sherman Overlook Scenic Trail is a short, paved trail with informational signs about the area and expansive views to the south.

Pioneer Park Heritage Trail

On the unique 0.3 mile Pioneer Park Heritage Trail, the history of the Kalispel Tribe is presented through twelve artistic, interpretive displays.

Meadow Creek Trail

The first 0.8 miles of this 1.5 mile trail are barrier-free. Trail activities include wildlife viewing, and fishing.

White Mountain Fire Overlook

The short, paved White Mountain Fire Overlook Trail offers a look into the White Mountain fire of 1988, with dramatic views north across the fire area.

Sweet Creek Falls

The paved trail to view Sweet Creek Falls is short, and so worth it.

Camp Growden Heritage Site

This fun stop along Hwy 20, west of Kettle Falls, offers a short trail with a replica building and information about Camp Growden, a Civilian Conservation Corps site in the 1930's and 40's.

Potter's Pond

Located on the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge, Potter's Pond has a short paved trail to an accessible fishing dock, and is great for viewing wildlife.

Headquarters Trail

This paved trail is about 0.25 miles and loops around the small Spring Creek pond. There is also a short spur to a small bluff that overlooks the Little Pend Oreille River and the valley that the river runs through.

Abercrombie Mountain Trail

Bead Lake Trail

Bead Lake Trail

Fish Lake Trail

Frater Lake Trail

Hoodoo Canyon Trail #13

hoodoo canyon trail

Lake Leo Trail

lake leo trail

Pend Oreille County Park

Pend Oreille County Park

Pierre Lake Trail

Pierre Lake Trail

Quartzite Mountain Trail

Snow Peak Trail

South Skookum Lake Trail

south skookum trail

Springboard Trail

Swan Lake Trail

swan lake trail

Newport Wolf Trails

upper wolf trail

Wapaloosie Mountain Trail

Abercrombie Mt #117
Barnaby Buttes Trail #7
Barnaby Buttes Trail #70
Bead Lake Trail #127
Bear Pot Trail #19
Boulder-Deer Cr, Kettle Crest North
Clark Creek Trail (DNR)
Continental Mountain Trail #36
Crowell Trail #515
Davis Lake Trail #92
Deer Creek Summit Trail #43
Dominion Meadows Rotary Trail
Edds Mt Trail #3
Fish Lake Trail #2
Flodelle Creek Trailhead (DNR)
Flume Creek Trail #502
Frater Lake #150
Geophysical Trails #301, #302, #333, #334, #335
Gillette Ridge #130
Gillette Ridge #131
Grassy Top Trail #503
Hall Mt – Grassy Top Trail #540
Halliday Trail #522
High Rock Creek Trail #264
Hoodoo Canyon Trail #17
Jungle Hill Trail #16
Kettle Crest Trail #13 North
Kettle Crest Trail #13 South
Lambert Trail #47
Lake Leo #155
Lake Shore Trail #504
Little Pend Oreille ORV Trails 

Log Flume Interpretive Trail
Long Alec Trail #43
Long Lake Trails #5 and #2
Lower Wolf Trail #304, #305
LPO ORV Trail #146
Marcus Trail
McDowell Marsh Trail, Little Pend Oreille NWR
Meadow Lake Trails #125 and #126
Midnight Mt Trail #41
Mill Butte Loop Trail, Little Pend Oreille NWR
Mt Leona Trail #49
Ninemile Falls Trail #44
North Fork Silver Creek #119
North Fork-Grassy Top Trail # 379
Old Stage Trail #1
Old Stage Trail #75
Pend Oreille County Park Trails
Pierre Lake Trail #91
Pioneer Park Trail #321
Profanity Trail #32
Quartzite Trail
Radar Dome Trail #143
Rail Trail Golden Tiger
Rail Trail Republic Trailhead
Rail Trail West Curlew Lake Rd
Rail Trail West Herron Cr Rd
Rd 6100500 Summit Motorway
Red Bluff Trail #553
Roosevelt Trail #266
Rufus Trail #148
Ryan Cabin #30
Salmo Basin Trail #506
Shedroof Cutoff Trail #511
Shedroof Divide Trail #512
Sherlock Trail #139
Sherman Pass Trail #82
Sherman Pass Trail Group
Sherman Peak Loop #72
Slate Creek Trail #525
Snow Peak Trail #10
South Fork Silver Creek Trail #123
South Skookum Lake Trail #138
Springboard Trail #149
Stickpin/ Kettle Crest
Swan Lake Trail #14
Tacoma Divide Trailhead (DNR)
Taylor Ridge Hiking Trail #74
Tenmile Trail #25
Thirteenmile Trail #23
Thomas Mt Trail #151
Thompson Ridge Trail #107
Thunder Creek Trail #526
Upper and Lower Wolf Trails #303
Upper Butte Rd (Kettle Crest)
Upper Hughes Trail #315
Upper Priest River Trail #308
Wapaloosie Trail #15
White Mt Trailhead Kettle Crest South #13