Abercrombie Mountain Trail

The Abercrombie Mountain Trail offers spectacular views


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Description: Abercrombie Mountain (7,308 feet high) is in of the Purcell Mountains on the Colville National Forest in northeastern Washington. Wildfires are one way nature regenerates higher elevation forests such as this one. The trail leads through a mixed conifer forest of subalpine fir, Englemann spruce, Douglas-fir, western larch, and lodgepole pine.[expand title=”Read more”]

Abercrombie Trailhead is a small turnaround at the end of a high elevation single lane dirt road.  There is an information board at the junction of the turnaround and Abercrombie Trail #117 to let you know that you have made it to your destination.  The 3.2 mile Abercrombie trail is primarily wooded until it reaches the ridge top. The ridge is open with scattered trees providing breathtaking panoramic views of the Pend Oreille and Columbia River valleys as well as the Kettle Crest.  Wildflowers and huckleberries can be found during the late season and don’t miss out on exploring  the old Abercrombie Lookout that can be reached by going north where the established trail ends. There is limited dispersed camping available. You’re likely to encounter variable weather, so layered clothing and a survival kit are suggested.

Over 100 plant species occur along the gorgeous trail to the peak. Hike in July for prime wildflower viewing with brilliant displays of beargrass, silky lupine, and red paintbrush. Common shrubs include Cascades azalea, Utah honeysuckle, black elderberry, yellow mountain-heath, and dwarf huckleberry. Wildflowers not to miss are heart-leaved arnica, queen’s cup, larkspur, fireweed, subalpine daisy, rattlesnake plantain, parrot’s beak, and twisted stalk.

For geocache enthusiasts, you’ll find one on Abercrombie Mountain. Visit Geocaching.com for more information.[/expand]

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