Kettle Crest North

The Kettle Crest Trail North is the 30 mile-long backbone of the Kettle Crest Trail System and is part of the 1200 mile-long Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. Twenty other trails connect into it, and virtually the entire trail offers impressive scenic views of diverse habitat in the region. In many spots along trail, there are panoramic views of the Kettle River Valley both to the East and the West.

There are no campsites with water on the Crest, so if you are hiking the whole trail, you should consider access to the main trail from a side trail for overnight camping. The side trails also make convenient loops for hiking the trail in sections.

Lack of human development means that the Kettle Range has some of the best remaining wildlife habitat in Eastern Washington. Hikers may spot cougar, moose, mule deer and black bear. In the summer months, an impressive number of wildflowers grace the meadows along the trail.

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Kettle Crest North

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