Barnaby Butte #7

Find abundant wildlife, wildflowers & huckleberries on Barnaby Butte #7

Barnaby Butte Trail #7
Barnaby Butte #7
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Description: This trail, located in the Colville National Forest, follows a closed road for the first 3 miles. Experience a variety of forest environments abundant wildlife, seasonal wildflowers, wild strawberries, and huckleberries. There are dispersed campsites along the trail. This is a steep trail with great views at the top. A loop or one-way travel can be arranged by connecting with the Kettle Crest Trail or the Thirteen Mile Trail #23 a mile north on Hall Creek Rd. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The Colville National Forest  is bordered on the west by the Okanogan National Forest and the Kaniksu National Forest to the east. The forest itself also contains Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge and the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

The forest encompasses a mountainous area consisting of the Kettle River and Selkirk mountain ranges, and the upper reaches of the Columbia River. Wildlife include grizzly and black bears, grey wolves, bighorn sheep, cougars, bald eagles, lynx, moose, beaver, loon, and the last remaining herd of caribou in the lower 48.

The Colville National Forest disproves the widely held notion that Washington state lies flat east of the Cascade Mountains. Today’s 1.1 million acre forest was first shaped over 10,000 years ago by Ice Age glaciers that carved three major valleys of today’s Columbia, San Poil-Curlew, and Pend Oreille River flowing north into Canada before entering the Columbia River. These million acres in the northeast corner roll like the high seas. Three waves of mountains run from north to south, separated by troughs of valleys. These ranges — the Okanogan, Kettle River, and Selkirk — are considered foothills of the Rocky Mountains.[/read]

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