Bear Pot Trail #19

The Bear Pot Trail begins at a seasonal wetland. This spruce bog that may be much cooler and wetter than other sections of the trail, which soon enough will leave the damp behind and take you into a dry, quiet lodgepole pine forest. It is a short and easy trail with a 150 foot climb over the last quarter mile. The Bear Pot Trail area is also well-used by game, so keep an eye out for evidence of moose, cougar, elk, bear and deer. At about the half-mile mark you’ll come upon a historic well-decayed trapper’s cabin. Eventually the trail will meander past huge old-growth ponderosa pines, western larch and Douglas-fir, with some aspens thrown in for good measure. You’ll see interesting geographic formations, as some of the oldest rocks in Washington can be found in this area.

pine cone

Bear Pot Trail

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