Batey-Bould Trail System

The Batey-Bould Trail System is a series of interconnected loops that provide 40 miles of motorcycle (single track) routes. Numerous bridges and puncheons travel across creeks and seeps. The Tacoma Peak Trail #309 and Boulder Mountain Trail #311 loops offer a number of steep climbs and descents for advanced riders. The Batey-Bould Trail #306 links to the 45-mile Little Pend Oreille Motorized Trail System. View the Pend Oreille River Valley from Tacoma Peak and Boulder Mountain loops and visit the Uptagraph Homestead Site on Batey-Bould Trail #306. The terrain in this motorcycle trail system ranges from meadows to mountain peaks. Even though the trail system is motorized, it provides varied terrain for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. The trails see less motorized use on weekdays.

Batey Bould System Trailhead

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