Old Stage Trail #1

A remaining segment of the first state highway in Washington, this trail is the only wagon trail in the forest trail system, and was used to access the Belcher Mining Camp, which later became a town. The now ghost town was located on upper Lambert Creek, nearly ten miles northeast of Republic. The town was founded around 1897 when iron ore was discovered in the vicinity. The Belcher Mountain Mining Company began operations in the area and by 1906 the town had a population of about 72 and included a post office, large bunkhouse for single miners, a general store, five or six houses and a railroad. There was even a Belcher Mountain Railroad line. Eventually the mine folded and the town disappeared.

The Old Stage Trail #1 connects with Kettle Crest North National Recreation Trail #13. A loop-route can be made by connecting with Midnight Ridge Trail #41 or by crossing over the ridge and coming down to Albian Hill Road. This is a moderately difficult 5.6 mile, one-way trail.


Old Stage #1 Trail

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