Ferry County Nordic Trails

Glide through a winter wonderland on Ferry County Nordic Trails

“What good is the warmth of summer without the chill of winter?” – John Steinbeck

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are both wonderful ways to experience the majesty of the winter months in Northeast Washington state. There is an uncrowded trail for all skill levels. See a list of Ferry County Nordic Trails below for locations and details.

[flexiblemap src=”https://newashingtontrails.com/KML/XskiFerry.KML?v=2″ width=”350″ height=”500″ maptype=”terrain”]
Boulder Creek Summit Trail #40
Boulder-Deer Cr, Kettle Crest North
Columbia Loop Trail #24
Deer Creek Summit Trail #43
Jungle Hiull Trail #16
Kettle Crest Trail #13 North
Kettle Crest Trail #13 South                                                            Long Alec Trail
Rail Trail Golden Tiger
Rail Trail Republic Trailhead
Rail Trail West Curlew Lake Rd
Rail Trail West Herron Cr Rd
Rd 6100500 Summit Motorway
Sherman Pass Trail #82
Sherman Pass Trail Group
Sherman Peak Loop #72
Sherman Trail #12
Upper Butte Rd (Kettle Crest)
White Mt Trailhead Kettle Crest South #13


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