The Tiger Kitt Loop

The Tiger Kitt Loop treats you to panoramic views overlooking farms, ranches and mountains


 Northeast Washington Motorcycle Dirt Bike Trails


To ride the Tiger Kitt Loop, head out east on Hwy 20 (aka Tiger Hwy) for 9.2 miles to [29], and then back to town on Kitt-Narcisse Rd and Artman-Gibson Rd, [12-25-0] (22 miles). Soak in the panoramic views overlooking farms, ranches and mountains. The extension from [11] out to [29] and back to [12] adds 9 miles to the Colville Loop. Locals like to avoid the highway and do a scenic “out and back” on lightly traveled Kitt-Narcisse Rd [12] to [29]. This leg is 5.5 miles, one way.

tiger kitt loop tiger kitt loop 

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