Free GPS PDF Maps

No cell service? No problem, if you use our free GPS PDF maps


Avenza- GPS PDF

This website provides free GPS PDF maps.  They can be downloaded onto a smart phone and use the location technology of the phone to pinpoint where the phone is located on the map.  A popular app that uses this technology is Avenza PDF Map.  You can download the Avenza PDF App for free from their site.

When using these maps away from cell-tower service, it is necessary to have a device with an internal GPS receiver chip.  iPhones, iPads, Samsung Phones and Samsung tablets have these chips.   Most other products do not.  Please check your device manufacturer’s specifications before attempting to use our GPS PDF maps.  Cell service is very limited in the mountains of Northeast Washington.

The Forest Service makes many of their maps available in GPS PDF format.
The Colville National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map webpage is now updated.  Access them here. Forest Service Topographic Maps are available here.