Onion Creek Loop

Follow the river on the Onion Creek Loop

Hwy 25 bike loop

 Northeast Washington Motorcycle Dirt Bike Trails

Description- Onion Creek Loop:  [0-23-8-7-6-37-57-56-40-34-33-32-31-30-3-2-1-0]

Proceed in the same manner as the Evans Loop, but instead of heading up Williams Lake, turn onto Clugston-Onion Creek at [37].  Continue past the Onion Creek store and down to Hwy 25 [57].  Return back to Colville either on Williams Lake, or follow the river on Hwy 25 as described for Evans Loop.  Enjoy the water at the North Gorge campground. A total of 66 miles with Kettle Falls return, and 3600′ elevation gain.

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