Little Calispell Loop

The Little Calispell Loop

Northeast Washington ATV Trails Little Calispell Loop Map and Info

This is a  Colville National Forest route and requires a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)

Getting there:  From the town of Chewelah, proceed to the Sand Canyon Rd at the north end of town.  This is the same road to the golf course.  Stay on Sand Canyon Road to the end of the pavement and on into the Colville Nat’l Forest.

Staging/Camping:  After passing several small camp sites, you will come to the North Fork Chewelah Creek camping area, which has a concrete outhouse and a large campsite area.  Large units can safely camp here once the springtime soft ground conditions have firmed up.  This area is large enough for staging several vehicles.  Forest Rd 100 is located adjacent to the campground for reference.  This road is currently closed to OHV travel.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Difficulty:  This route is entirely on USFS roads and county improved roads.  It is rated as easy to moderate.  The route is seasonal, open from April through November.  In the higher areas, the road may be impassable due to snow until late spring, early summer.

Highlights:  Mostly a forested road, there are viewpoints along the eastern portion of the route.  Wildlife is abundant in the area.  Deer, elk, cougar and bear have been sighted.   Along the eastern portion of the route, there are several viewpoints into Pend Oreille County and the Pend Oreille River.

Time and Distance:  This route is approximately 30 miles around.  Allow 3 hrs.

Route Description:  From the North Fork Chewelah Creek Camping area, turn northeast onto Sand Canyon Rd/ FS 9521.  Follow this main route for about 10 miles.  Turn right at the FS RD 9521290.  This road has moderate challenges in some areas due to steepness or rutted conditions.  Muddy areas are also common on this portion of the route.  The route follows the base of Calispell Peak in a southeasterly direction.  About 4 miles into this portion of the route you will come to a five-way intersection.  The main route carries ahead in a shallow right turn to the south on FS Road 9517464.  The other roads are not approved for OHV travel.  The 464 road continues to the south passing by Little Calispell Peak and Fourth of July Mountain.  Watch for viewpoints to the east in this area.  The route continues to the southwest,  arriving at the intersection of FS Rd 9517.  Continue on to the west on 9517 as it winds downhill and on westward. In approx 4 miles, a turnout area will appear on the right where FS Road 9517410 begins.  Follow this route to the north for about 4 miles where it will intersect with the main route FS Rd 9521/ Sand Canyon Rd.  Turn left and return to the camp ground in about 1.5 miles.

Other routes nearby:  The network of county and USFS roads in Stevens County and Pend Oreille County are many.  This route is just one of many routes you can take in the Colville National Forest.  Take time to study the MVUM, and you will see that a lot of exporing is available.  Look for the brown carsonite stakes at each intersection to ensure you are on the approved OHV roads when you are in the forest.    Anytime you are riding in the Colville or Kaniksu Natl Forests, be sure to have the appropriate MVUM in your possession.

Services:  Nearest full services are in Chewelah, WA.[/read]

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