Flat Creek Loop

The Flat Creek Loop is a world-class ride with expansive views of Lake Roosevelt

Flatcreek Loop

 Northeast Washington Motorcycle Dirt Bike Trails

Description- Flat Creek Loop: [34-36-A-C-60-59-57-56-40-34]

This is the ride that “adventure” cycling outfitters bring their guests from all over the country to experience.  Start anywhere on the loop.  From [34], 9.6 miles east of MP-0, cross the bridge over the Columbia [A], then north on Hwy 395 along the river to Northport Flat Creek [C].  Go over the twin bridges onto remarkably quiet and spectacularly beautiful Northport Flat Creek Rd that meanders along the bluffs and shore of the Columbia river. Marvel at the expansive views of Lake Roosevelt and the surrounding mountains as they open up before you.  Take a break at Snag Cove campground or visit China Bend Winery if you have time.  At Hwy 25 [60] cross the bridge to Northport. [59] Flow back down the river on Hwy 25 to the start [34]  for a total of 68 miles and 3300 ft elevation gain.  Want to experience just a portion of this epic bike route?  Start at the National Park Service Kamloops Island Campground [C] or at Snag Cove Campground and go out and back as far as you want.

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