Dunn Mountain Loop

The Dunn Mountain Loop is a fun, easy drive with lots of scenery to enjoy

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Getting there:  The Dunn Mountain Loop is approx. 35 miles of travel on county paved and gravel roads, the easiest access is from the small town of Addy.    There are snacks and a deli in the Old Schoolhouse Trading Post, or you can go to the Addy Inn located on Main St. next to the post office.  The Addy Inn has both restaurant and bar services.  Good food!

Staging/Camping:  You can unload in Addy.  It will add an additional 10 – 15 miles each way from the loop, and  it is the easiest and most convenient place to stage.  From the Columbia River side of the loop, you can unload at turnouts located at Daisy or Rice.  A reminder that you can cross Hwy25, a state highway, at a 90 degree angle to get to the other side where you will continue on the county road system.  State highways are prohibited to OHV travel.  The county roads are all open to OHV travel, as long as you are properly attired and licensed.  In Addy, a gravel parking lot is located just west of the Old Schoolhousel Trading Post across the street from the Addy Grange Hall.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Difficulty:  The Dunn Mountain route is all county road improved road.  The loop is all gravel road, and paved road to and from Addy.  Be aware of traffic, always ride single file and obey speed limits.  This is farming country and several farms are located directly by the road.  Slow down to 10 mph while passing by the farmsteads, keeping dust to a minimum.  Courtesy wins.

Highlights:  The Dunn Mountain Loop is a fun, easy drive.  Lots of scenery to enjoy.  The loop goes through the Dunn Mtn Range with many small farms.  Wildlife is abundant in this region.  Keep an eye out for deer, bear and cattle on the roadway.  A lot of the road is in open range, so be careful of the animals.

Time and Distance:  Entire loop, returning to stage area is close to 60 miles.  Allow 4-5 hours.

Route Description:  Depart Addy to the west on Addy-Gifford Road.  At first 4-way intersection, you can choose either continuing west or go north.  Either way, simply follow the map, looking for road signs at each intersection.  Roads are well marked.  On the western portion of the route, on Daisy Mine Road, you will see some old mining equipment parked along side the road, as well as mine tailings.  This was an old gold mine, but was abandoned due to high arsenic content in the gold.  The whole region is a known lead, zinc, tungsten, silver  and gold mineral bearing region.  The area was active during the 1920’s through the 1950’s.

Other routes nearby:  The network of county roads in Stevens County is open to OHV travel.  Explore with care, and pay attention to your road signs that are located at each intersection.

Services:  Addy has food and fuel.  Full services available in Chewelah and Colville, both on Hwy 395 about 12 miles either direction from Addy.  Daisy Station, if open, has snacks and fuel.[/read]


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