The Colville Spokes

Add variety to your ride by accessing the Colville Loop from connecting ‘spoke’ roads


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Description: You can access the Colville Loop on a number of “spoke roads”.  Oakshott west of town to [1] is the shortest and most common access (1.7m). The loop can be accessed to the northwest on Hwy 395 to [4] (3.4m) or Williams Lake to [5] (5.0m).  Travel one of the eastbound spokes out of town on 6th and 7th Streets, then take Aladdin to Knapp [8](2.8m)  or east on Hwy 20 to [9] (2.8m). From the south Colville roundabout, take Hawthorne and Garden Homes to [25], then Graham to [10](5.6m) or take Hotchkiss to [12](6.9m).  The Loop crosses Hwy 395 6 miles south of MP-0 at [15].  Weather turns bad?  From any intersection on this 34.3 mile loop you are matter of minutes from the center of Colville.

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