The Colville South Loop

The Colville South Loop provides some challenging hills, but even the climbs are beautiful

Northeast Washington Bike Loops

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Description: If your preference is the hills, ride the south half of the Colville Loop, which is everything south of Oakshott and Hotchkiss.  The steepest grades on this portion of the loop are Skidmore and Arden Hill roads. [15-16-17]  The first mile climbing east out of the valley on Artman-Gibson [13] is also challenging.  There is a beautiful climb over a summit on Hotchkiss road.  The south half of the Colville Loop is 21.8 miles with 1440 ft of elevation gain.  At the end, add in “the Burn” over Gold Creek Loop and you’ve got a challenging 28.2 mile loop with 2092 ft of elevation gain.  [0-1-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-25-0]

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