Circle the Basin

Explore tranquil farms, fields and forests when you ‘Circle the Basin’ on this ride

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Description: Circle the Basin-  [0-26-27-18-17-42-44-45-46-48-49-41-19-20-21-1-0]  

Explore tranquil farms, fields and forests lying east of the Huckleberry Range in the North, Middle and South Basins.  It’s about a 600 foot climb up into the Basin from the Colville Valley floor. There Haller Creek offers a cool, shaded, gradual way up into the Basin [17 to 42]. Climbing up steep Orin-Rice Rd is a great way to test your climbing credentials [19 to 41]

Consider climbing  on gentler Marble Valley-Basin Rd.   Once the climb is over and you have reached [41], [42], or [44], you are in the Basin.  You can extend or shorten this loop on South Basin, Orin Rice, Basin, Matson, Naff, Riddel and Marble Valley Basin Roads.

Enjoy the ride and get lost on the sparsely traveled back roads.  Do gentle loops or figure eights.   Circling the perimeter of the Basin is a 30.4 miles ride with 2060 elevation gain from MP-0.  Avoiding the most western portion of the basin [49] makes the loop 3.5 miles shorter and eliminates 500 ft of climbing.  You can blast back to Colville on steep Orin Rice Rd, or relax on a long decent down Haller Creek.

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