Thirteen Mile Trail

Travel through old-growth Ponderosa Pine stands along the Thirteen Mile Trail

Thirteen Mile Trail #23

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Description: The Thirteen Mile Trail has huge old growth Ponderosa Pine stands on the lower end that pass through fields of Lupine flowers in the spring. It is one of the first to open early in the year. Bear, moose, cougars and eagles all live in this area. Be aware and prepared. Try to avoid contact with them. The easiest traverse is from Hall Creek Rd to Highway 21. Expect mud, gravel and sharp rocks on the trail. The higher parts of this trail encounter areas burned by the White Mountain Fire.

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  1. I found thirteen mile trail is most easily accessed from route 21, and the drive to the trail is quite gorgeous. The initial part of the hike is the most stunning with large rock faces towering from the sanpoil valley. The sound of the stream is music. And soon there is stillness and quiet for the rest of the hike, an easy to moderate journey over rolling terrain. Very dry. Watch for rattlers, and stop in Republic after for a beer at Republic Brewing Company. Great spot on planet Earth.

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