Find Snowmobile Routes

Find snowmobile routes in Northeast Washington so you can experience the beauty of winter on the trail

“When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I’ll know I am growing old”.- Lady Bird Johnson

Find snowmobile routes

Click on a county below to find trails and information in that area.


Albian Hill
Empire Lake
Flodelle/ Tacoma Creek
Flowery Trail
Hall Creek
Ione to Metaline
Kings Lake
Mill Creek
North Fork Chewelah Creek
Old Dominion
Paupac                                                                                                  Swan Lake

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2 thoughts on “Find Snowmobile Routes”

  1. I’m looking at buying property in Northeast Washington and would like to know from some locals where a great place to buy where I can ride right from my home onto the groom trails and off trail areas ?

    1. Hi Scott! Boy, that is a tough one because there are so many places to snowmobile… You can check out areas that are near sno-parks, some of the sno-parks groom trails for snowmobiles…check out our snowmobile maps on this site for motorized sno-parks. From personal experience, I can tell you that there is terrific riding east of Chewelah, but I live in Chewelah and am a bit partial. You might also like to contact the Winter Knights Snowmobile Club for their thoughts. Good luck on your search!

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