Stevens County Horse Trails

Experience the beauty of Northeast Washington State from horseback on Stevens County Horse Trails

“It’s the way you ride the trail that counts”. – Dale Evans

Get ready to ride the miles of Stevens County Horse Trails available to you and your equine partner. Enjoy scenic rides through the Colville National Forest and lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources. Take a short, easy loop or up the ante and head out with pack animals for an adventure. You’ll find a trail for every adventure in Northeast Washington.


Abercrombie Mt #117
Flodelle Creek Trailhead (DNR)
North Fork Silver Creek #119
Sherlock Trail #139
South Fork Silver Creek Trail #123

For more information about enjoying these trails, please visit these organizations:                   Colville National Forest- Stevens County Horse Trails   dnr   Northeast Back Country Horsemen of Washington   fcclogo

2 thoughts on “Stevens County Horse Trails

  1. Checked out the trails in the Silver creek area, our backyard and you did not include Gunsight Pass trail, how come?

    1. Jan: Gunsight Pass is on the Sherloack Peak Trail. We use the official Forest Service names for these trails. Hopefully if someone else is looking for Gunsight Pass, they will find this comment. I’ll get Gunsight Pass labelled on the trail map itself.

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