Maps are up

The original PDF maps for about 140 trails were the first thing available on the trail pages of this site.  Now GPS Avenza-style maps are available for all of the original trails.  Some kinds of trails have off-site links for snowmobiles, water trails, the pacific northwest trail and Motor Vehicle Use maps from the Colville National forest.

We are now building links to the many organizations that maintain and/or use these trails.  Please support these groups, they are the backbone of this trails system.  If you belong to one of them, we would appreciate a link to this site to compliment the one to yours.

1 thought on “Maps are up”

  1. This site is looking good! I can’t wait to use it to check out some new-to-me trails next time! Your maps are how I found many of my trail adventures during while living in Northeast WA

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