Granite Falls Trail

Granite Falls Trail takes you through a cool forest of old-growth cedar trees

Granite Falls Trail #301, Roosevelt Trail #266
Granite Falls Trail
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Description: The North Fork Granite Creek winds through stands of towering ancient western red cedar trees. Some of these towering giants date back 2000 to 3000 years. Two trails are maintained from the trailhead. An easily hiked trail of 365 feet runs along the creek bringing hikers to a viewpoint of the Lower Granite Creek Falls cascading over a sheer rock wall. There is a one mile loop trail of moderate difficulty that leads up the old road for 200 feet above the trailhead. This longer trail will bring you through ancient western red cedars and after a series of switchbacks will bring you to views of the Upper Granite Creek Falls and the Lower Granite Creek Falls. Hiking is permitted among the old growth trees.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

This is a beautiful area to visit. Wildflowers dot the forest floor with shades of pink, yellow, blue or white, with a different display for spring, summer and fall. Species that are commonly encountered include lily of the valley, spring beauty, trilliums, violets, foam flower, and wild ginger. There are two groves of old-growth cedars, upper and lower, and two water falls on Granite Creek.  The cool, moist temperatures of this secluded snap shot of history make this site a wonderful place to visit on a hot, dry summer day.

There are two trail options – (1) Granite Falls Trail #301 (and Stagger Inn Picnic & Camping Area) includes an easy trail along the creek (365 feet) and a one-mile loop trail from the lower cedar grove (two acres) to vista points above 612-foot Lower Granite Falls; continue 0.5 mile to upper cedar grove (20 acres); (2) Roosevelt Trail #266, 4.5 miles, more difficult, ascends a hill with switchbacks to another stand of old-growth cedar.[/read]

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Colville National Forest- Granite Falls trail

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