Ferry County Snowmobile Trails

Miles of groomed trails await you on Ferry County Snowmobile Trails

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event”- J.B. Priestly

Ferry County Snowmobile Trails cover well over 100 miles of the back country.  Once a foot or more of snow has fallen, the trails are groomed, and a notice is posted on the State Parks website.  With the groomed trail networks, Sno-Parks with space to park a camper, as well as ample motel space in town and several good restaurants, this area is ideal for a family winter outing.Read more

See the list of Ferry County Snowmobile Routes below for locations and details.


Albian Hill
Empire Lake
Hall Creek                                                                                            Swan Lake

For more information and current conditions, please visit:

Washington-State-Parks-Ferry County Snowmobile Trails

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  1. I am the groomer coordinator for Ferry Co and thought that you should know that we have another area to add to the list. Swan Lake Trail System is 63 miles. It has several other names. More info is available from myself or State Parks website.

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