Bead Lake Trail

Bead Lake Trail- a great overnight hike

Bead Lake Trail #127

Bead Lake Trail
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Description: The Bead Lake #127 Trail is the perfect trail to hike on a hot summer day. Located just north of Newport, WA, the trail is largely shaded by mixed conifers, including old growth cedars. Parts of the trail are close enough to the lake for a quick dip in the deep, clear water. At the 3.5 mile mark near Mosquito Creek, look uphill to find a huge old growth white pine.Read more

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Bead Lake on

Colville National Forest   Washington Trails Association     Evergreen East


3 thoughts on “Bead Lake Trail

  1. We had a great hike at Bead Lake on July 20th, 2015. It is a very easy hike, and we met no one until in the afternoon on our way back. The water was beautiful, and my husband took a dip. We would love to come back and try out one of the 4 dispersed campsites.

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