US Mt Jeep Trail

The US Mt Jeep Trail is a steep, rocky and challenging ride

US Mt. Jeep Trail


Description: The US Mt Jeep Trail is a steep and rocky trail with the brush close in. There are wet areas along the trail. Be prepared to clear downed trees and rocks from the roadway. Easiest access is from the top off Albion Hill Road. Look carefully for the stake for the 600 road. Some disbursed camping is available near the trailhead. A horseshoe marks one tree in the camp.

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1 thought on “US Mt Jeep Trail”

  1. Barry B St John

    Easy but steep and no turnaround at the end. I managed to turn around without excavating the bank but it was difficult. Use care past the camp wih the teepee poles because of the slope and the fact that you may have to back Out! Take a chainsaw for sure.

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