Trout Lake Trail

The Trout Lake Trail is a surprisingly verdant one, with views of three lakes

Hoodoo Canyon Trail #17, Trout Lake Trail,                                                                           Emerald Lake Trail #94
Trout Lake
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This is a delightful trail with some steep parts at the beginning and the end. The views of Trout Lake, Emerald Lake and Lily Lake are spectacular and there are interesting rocks along the way. Since you can drive to both ends of the trail, it sets up for an easy one way trip if you arrange it with a friend. The trail head for the Hoodoo Canyon Trail is at the Trout Lake Campground,  where there are several campsites and a vault toilet. From the trail head 2.5 miles along there will be a trail that heads down to beautiful Emerald Lake. It’s pretty steep in parts, but getting to the lake is worth it.  A boat ramp for non-motorized boats has easy access.

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Colville National Forest- Trout Lake     Washington Trails Association   Kettle Range Conservation Group  conservation northwest

5 thoughts on “Trout Lake Trail”

  1. My favorite running trail. I was just there and Emerald Lake still has plenty of water for swimming delight. We swam the lake to the large rock at the fat end and had fun climbing around and jumping off.

  2. June 8, 2017 Trout Lake to Hoodoo is in good shape except for one short washout which requires a scramble up the hill. A garden trowel to improve the toe holds would help. I think the road to Hoodoo up Deadman is out because of a large slide. Emerald Lake is over full.

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