Springboard Trail

Learn about early settlers along the Springboard Trail

Springboard Trail #149
springboard trail 149
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Description: The Springboard Trail is relatively easy and offers a good view of Lake Gillette from the viewing stand though trees have grown up since it was built. Campgrounds nearby on the lakes make this a convenient and popular walk for campers and residents alike. The upper part of the loop is nearly level and there is little brush to obscure views through the woods. Use interpretive materials available at the trailhead to guide you through this 2.4 trail. Learn about logging, natural features, and the homesteaders who once settled in the area. Scenic views of Thomas Mountain and the Little Pend Oreille Lakes.

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Colville National Forest- Springboard   Evergreen East

1 thought on “Springboard Trail”

  1. Shelly Stevens

    Hiked this trail on 5/3/2018. There is quite a bit of deadfall, blow-downs and slash along the trail. I would say that it is not passable by mountain bike. Still a nice hike, though.

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