South Kettle Crest Trail

Find abundant wildlife along the South Kettle Crest Trail

Kettle Crest South Trail #13

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Description: This trail climbs from 5450 ft Sherman Pass to the 6500 ft level on the side of Sherman Peak. It meets Snow Peak Trail #10, Edds Mt. Trail #3, Barnaby Buttes Trail #7 and Barnaby Buttes Trail #70. It climbs to the 6750 ft level of White Mountain and ends at the 5200 ft level of Onion Ridge 13.38 miles to the south. All along the way there are views of the 1988 White Mountain Fire complex to the west and Lake Roosevelt to the east.

Horseback riders can access Trail #70, Trail #3, Trail #10, Trail #7 and Trail #23 with spectacular views of the valleys below.

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2 thoughts on “South Kettle Crest Trail”

  1. Teresa Morrison

    Just moved into the area and am an equine trail rider and am looking forward to trying out the trails in my new area, however I went to the ranger station to get a booklet of the horseback riding trails systems for this area (Stevens and Ferry County) and was disappointed to find out Washington State does not publish free booklets like Idaho does. You go into any ranger station in Idaho and they have stands in the entry for people just to take (free) little booklets about all different activities like horseback riding, hiking, biking, snowmobile trails. Boating, camping, wood cutting, animal awareness are just a few of the pamphlet they give out. I’m not sure but I think they print, fold and staple them at the station it’s self. Just a suggestion, it would really help out people new to the area as well as people how have been here a while and don’t know how many beautiful trails are out there for them to use. Thanks

    1. Hi Teresa,

      First of all, welcome to Northeast Washington! I totally hear what you are saying about the publications. For the last seven years Washington has been the only state without a state-funded tourism board, so there has not been much funding to produce much material like what you are talking about. But, good news! Just this year the state legislature voted to re-install such a tourism resource, and it is in the works now. Hopefully in the not-to-distant future we’ll be able to do just what you’re asking. In the meantime, I hope this website proves useful to you. You can also check out for more information on Northeast Washington. Thanks for the input. 🙂

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