Shedroof Divide Trail Complex

The trails of the Shedroof Divide Trail Complex offer difficult but spectacular hikes

Shedroof Divide Trail #512, Salmo Basin #506, Thunder Cr # 526, Jackson Cr #311, Hughes Fork # 312 (PHNF), Gold Creek Trail (PHNF), Upper Hughes Trail (PHNF), Upper Priest River Trail #308 (PHNF), Continental Mountain Trail

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Description: The Shed Roof Divide Complex of trails provides access into and through the east arm of the Salmo-Priest Wilderness Area. These are difficult but spectacular hikes. Summer brings a profusion of flowers and berries but also Grizzly Bears. These trails are only lightly used. Check in at the Sullivan Lake Ranger Station for trail closures and other advice.

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1 thought on “Shedroof Divide Trail Complex”

  1. ried the Shedroof Cutoff Trail which did have a little snow. Sullivan Creek was too wild and we did not try to cross.
    Some snow on Shedroof Cutoff Trail. Sullivan Creek was too wild to cross so …
    Hiked in about one and a half hours on Thunder Creek. It was snow free and in good condition with some beautiful new bridges over streams. We cut a few small downed trees off. A few bigger ones left are easy for hikers. Horse rider had been through not long ago, but carry a saw for new stuff. No bridge on Thunder Creek(?), but it could be crossed by using stepping stones or by wading.
    Thanks to whoever cut out the trail and to bridge builders last summer.
    Road is ok for any car with fair clearance.

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