Owl Mountain Jeep Trail

The Owl Mountain Trail is challenging, but users are rewarded with impressive viewpoints

Owl Mountain Jeep Trail


Description: This is a dynamic trail that takes you to the top of Owl Mountain and along the side of Grouse Mountain. It offers sweeping views in many directions. The roadway can be muddy, rocky and washed out in places. There are disbursed camping sites available on both ends of the trail.

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4 thoughts on “Owl Mountain Jeep Trail

  1. Sorry about the comment on Owl Mt. Trail, I found it under Jeep Trails, it also allows orv use.

  2. We tried this trail with a full-sized Dodge Power Wagon. It had plenty of power and 15 forward gears, but brute strength does not make up for a vehicle that is just too big for this trail. Use an ATV or a jeep. We spent most of the time cutting downed logs to make more room and ultimately blew two tires.

  3. Ran this trail 7/20/17 in my cherokee. A beautiful trail with little use but pretty tight as it has been primarily been kept open by atv users. I made the mistake of not airing down and also managed to bust two sidewalls on something hidden in the brush. Lol had to walk out! Easy to moderate as far as difficulty. A 4×4 without gears or lockers would need a experienced driver as there is some exposure. Be sure to take a chainsaw and don’t go solo unless you have a lot of experience. Interesting to run in either direction but slightly more difficult east to west.

  4. The Tri-County Motorized Recreation Association (http://www.tcmra.com) does trail maintenance on the Ferry County Jeep trails, but we typically do our chainsaw work early in the season – later in the year, chainsaws are usually not allowed due to fire damage, so take a hand saw with you, as you can get deadfall any time of year on these high ridges! Our trail crews are normally in 52″ – 64″ wide OHVs, and we try to move logs as far from the trail as possible, but our average age is 70+, so sometimes we don’t get the logs cleared far enough for a full-sized vehicle!

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